About Me

Hi, I’m Sofy Troya and I’m the author and creator of this motherhood blog also a multitasker ninja, coffee aficionado, and pro-boo-boo kisser.

I hope that here you’ll find practical parenting tips, from bump to bliss and everything in between. So grab a cup of lukewarm coffee (let’s face it, that’s as good as it gets) and join me to navigate the twists and turns of this incredible journey.

My Story

I’m from the fascinating Zero Latitude in Quito, Ecuador… I grew up with my parents, sister, and my Abuelita (maternal) in a traditional neighborhood in the capital, the first generation of farmers raised in the city.

I had a great childhood close to my cousins and loved Christmas and New Year when everybody gathered. My teens grew close to my friends, overall I have great memories of my country that I keep close to my heart.

I moved to Panama City – Panama when I was 23 years old to live with my sister and looking forward to starting college.

After leaving the nest, my family and childhood friends behind, soon life open new doors for me and I met some of my today’s dearest friends in college, have great professional opportunities working close to a diversity of people.

Something you should know about Panama is also called Crisol de Razas, because of the abundance of different ethnicities, you would have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

I have to admit in my heart I’m also Panamanian, this was my second home during my 20s and beginning of my 30s. My sister and I love this country so much that our parents moved soon after me.

My arrival to the US, I moved to Colorado in 2019, I have to admit, it was intimidating at first, because even when I moved countries before, this time I faced a new language and a very different culture, the first it’s always tough, and then when I thought I was getting the hang of it 2020 got us all…

What can I say, life makes us reinvent ourselves…after a divorce, my mom passed away, with my stuff packed up to the roof in my car and Rufous (my doggo) in the passenger side, not knowing at the time but I was about to start the best part of my journey…motherhood.

In 2022 a month later I moved with Big Z, and we got a bun in the oven… since then I’ve been passionate about this wild adventure and beautiful blessing of being a Mama.