25 Best Postpartum Must Haves in 2023

Motherhood is a beautiful yet challenging experience. Navigating postpartum care and caring for your newborn can be overwhelming.

But fear not! We’ve got your back. In this blog post, I’ll share 25 postpartum must haves that will make your recovery easier and more enjoyable.

What Are The Best Postpartum Must Haves?

The postpartum period can be physically and emotionally demanding for new moms. To help ease the transition and promote a smoother recovery, it’s essential to have a few key essential postpartum supplies handy.

Key Takeaways

  • Gather the best postpartum essentials for a faster and more comfortable physical recovery.

  • Practice relaxation techniques & master time management to prioritize self-care during postpartum mental health.

  • Show your love with thoughtful pre-packaged recovery kits, gift ideas & baby care essentials for new moms!

Postpartum Must-Haves for Physical Recovery

Having the correct postpartum products on hand can be very beneficial in aiding your physical recovery after giving birth.

Here, we will review a few of the best postpartum necessities and investigate methods for healing through ice packs, perineal care items, and pain relief solutions.

To ensure you make a speedy recovery following childbirth let’s look at some crucial postpartum essentials that should not be overlooked!

Perineal Care Essentials

During the postpartum period, especially after a vaginal birth, it’s essential to have proper perineal care. To help facilitate relief and aid in the recovery of the perineal area tools such as a Peri bottle for cleaning with water.

Witch hazel pads which possess anti-inflammatory properties.

A sitz bath filled with warm water are helpful element needed during the first few weeks postpartum.

Disposable postpartum mesh underwear is necessary since it allows space for a perineal ice pack and maxi pads while providing comfort to your delicate areas.

Alongside donut cushions, tucks pads, and Epsom salts they also bring about pain reduction or ease discomforting feelings in these regions.

All these items can be used when taking extra special care of yourself following giving birth in order to promote healing properly within one’s body at their own personal Postpartum time frame.

Ice Packs and Cold Therapy

When going through the postpartum recovery process, cold therapies such as ice packs can drastically reduce swelling and help relieve pain.

Numbing spray or medicated pads are efficient alternatives for utilizing icing methods to cool down your perineal area during those early days after giving birth.

Feminine cooling pads like Fomi Care Hemorrhoid Gel Bead Ice Pack or Frida Mom’s vaginal pack will do wonders in providing instant relief from stitches and other related sensations right after childbirth surgery too.

Pain Relief Solutions

Pain management is a priority for postpartum recovery. Ibuprofen, numbing sprays, and natural remedies can all be used to lessen any discomfort felt after birth.

Dermoplast helps to immediately reduce the pain experienced following vaginal delivery.

Enabling you or your loved one to proceed with their day with immediate relief.

Earth Mama Perineal Spray provides an organic approach as it utilizes witch hazel which offers cooling relief from the aches of postpartum life..

Postpartum Comfort Items

Postpartum Must Haves - Clothing and Underware

Support and comfort during postpartum recovery are essential, so we’ll be looking at clothing items, pillows, and skin care products designed to make the experience as comfortable for you as possible.

We will discuss what is necessary in the initial days of bonding with your newborn that will bring maximum relief throughout this time.

Clothing and Underwear

Postpartum moms require comfortable and supportive garments to aid in their recovery.

High-waisted, seamless postpartum underwear offers an extra layer of support while a soft robe can help provide Comfort.

To keep breastfeeding hassle-free and secure, the BODILY WEAR The Everything Bra Stage 1 maternity-through-nursing bra is extremely comfortable and ultra-soft for 24/7 wear.

With its combination of convenience and luxury, it provides perfect assistance during the postpartum period!

Pillows and Sleep Aids

When going through the postpartum period, rest is critical for new moms.

In order to aid in recovery, comfort items like body pillows and weighted blankets can be a great help when it comes to obtaining sound sleep.

There are also various nursing pillows available that give additional support during breastfeeding times as well as Donut Pillow Seat Cushions which make positioning more comfortable.

All of these aids work together with one goal, aiding you throughout your postpartum journey!

Skin Care Products

In the initial postpartum weeks, it is important to take care of delicate skin.

Creams for nipples and stretch marks as well as a diaper rash cream (yes, you read right, diaper rash cream is not just for baby) can help preserve beauty while keeping you healthy during this time period.

To aid with such healing relief one could use Earth Mama Perineal Spray that may even be chilled in your refrigerator for an extra comforting benefit.

Such few crucial weeks require special attention towards bodycare so make sure necessary creams are kept handy throughout those early postpartum days!

Breastfeeding Must-Haves

Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural part of being a mother, yet it can be tricky.

Let’s explore items that help make this journey easier – lactation aids, nursing bras and breast care products.

These are indispensable for mothers who want to nurse their babies!

Let’s examine these invaluable tools which foster an effective and cozy breastfeeding experience.

Nursing Bras and Accessories

For breastfeeding mamas, Kindred Bravely’s bamboo fabric bras give gentle postpartum support.

They also offer comfortable and easy access for breastfeeding on the go or at home.

To protect against accidental leaks, Bamboobies offers a great selection of durable yet soft nursing pads to keep your clothes dry during feedings.

These specially designed essentials can make such an impact in providing extra comfort and convenience during this beautiful phase of motherhood known as postpartum recovery!

Lactation Support

For many moms, tackling the difficulties of breastfeeding may seem intimidating.

With correct guidance from a lactation expert and helpful educational materials like “Latch” by Robin Kaplan or “A User’s Guide to Breastfeeding” by Jill Krause and Chrisie Rosenthal as well as supplements, success is achievable, you can find them in Amazon and choose from paperback format or in Audible.

Breast Care Products

Breast care products, such as nipple creams and nursing pads, are designed to give relief and protection for mothers breastfeeding.

For instance, my favorite in this category is Silver Nursing Cups, I chose The Original Silverette, the 925 silver provides mothers the antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal benefits. 

The Lansinoh Thera Pearl Breast Therapy Pack includes hot or cold gel packs that help ease swelling, and discomfort while feeding their baby.

These items make it easier and more pleasant for moms who feed their new baby with breast milk, decreasing any discomforts they may experience.

Postpartum Mental Health and Self-Care

For new moms, emotional comfort is essential in their recovery. It can come from family and friends or even counseling if necessary.

On top of this, we will share relaxation techniques and time management strategies with them that will aid in making the adjustment to motherhood easier as well as help prioritize self-care.

Postpartum care should be given just as much attention when it comes to a woman’s mental health after childbirth than her physical state and these tools are designed for exactly that purpose.


During the postpartum weeks, connecting with family, friends, and professionals can be a source of comfort and understanding as mothers go through this difficult time.

Relaxation Techniques

During postpartum recovery, relaxation practices like yoga and meditation can help to reduce stress levels.

Taking a few moments each day for mindful breathing exercises could also improve your mental health during this time of transition.

Incorporating these techniques into your daily life is key to staying centered while managing the challenges of postpartum recovery.

Time Management and Organization

Good organization and time management are key for new moms looking to prioritize their postpartum care while caring for a newborn.

Utilizing tools like planners, applications, and nursing baskets can make juggling all the tasks easier so that you’re able to do both successfully.

Keeping organized enables mothers in this situation to thrive in their role whilst not having it become too overwhelming on top of taking care of themselves at the same time, which is super important!

Postpartum Kit and Gift Ideas

During postpartum recovery, it’s important for new moms to receive thoughtful gifts.

To help support them during this time, check The Perfect New Mom Gift Basket – Ideas For A Curated Gift Box in 2023 where I discussed present ideas and postpartum essentials specifically tailored to the needs of those recovering from childbirth.

These items can bring comfort in what is an often difficult period. Giving a mom assurance that she has all the love and care needed as her body heals after delivery.

C-Section Recovery Essential Items

Caring for oneself following a C-section requires thoughtful consideration.

Compression bands, high-waisted underwear and loose garments are essential items that should be part of the recovery plan to give necessary support and bring ease after surgery.

The use of compression wraps helps lessen swelling around the abdomen while wearing secure waistbands assists with extra comfort in both abdominal area as well as lower back regions.

Choosing free clothing increases general well-being during this period but also gives additional aid to these vital parts when regaining strength post-operation.

Postpartum Nutrition and Hydration

As part of postpartum recovery, having a good nutrition and hydration plan is essential.

The right kind of snacks to get the nutrients you need plus resources for meal planning as well as water intake can really help new moms with their recuperation process.

So let’s discuss how we can make sure mums have adequate nourishment and enough fluids during this important time in their lives after giving birth.

Eating healthy meals that are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other beneficial components will assist with regaining strength while maintaining an appropriate amount of liquids (preferably plain water) should be your primary goal throughout postpartum recovery.

Postpartum Exercise and Physical Therapy

Postpartum recovery is essential for restoring strength and reducing the likelihood of future issues.

To assist new mothers on their journey, gentle exercises, and pelvic floor rehabilitation methods with professional help can be beneficial.

Pelvic physical therapy seeks to reinstate a strong state in those muscles associated with postnatal health risks such as urinary incontinence.

Scheduling an appointment approximately six weeks following your due date should provide optimal outcomes from this treatment.

Baby Care Essentials for New Moms

When the baby arrives, having the proper supplies to assist in caring for a newborn can make things simpler and more enjoyable.

Essential items such as crib, swaddles, and carriers provide safety and convenience that helps build confidence for both mommy and little one while creating lovely moments together.

From keeping your tiny human warmly wrapped up during sleep with a swaddle to allowing hands-free movement through the use of a carrier.

These must-have infant care products give parents peace of mind knowing they are well-equipped when looking after their precious bundle of joy.


Navigating the postpartum journey with a newborn can be daunting, Having the right essentials will ensure new mothers feel supported and equipped.

This list of 25 must-haves provides all that is needed for physical recovery as well as baby care, ultimately making this incredible time easier to manage.

Self-care is essential when embarking on motherhood so remember to prioritize it just as much during your postpartum experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What products do I need after giving birth?

To make your postpartum period as smooth and relaxed as possible, be sure to have cloth diapers, baby wipes, nipple cream, a nursing bra (and pumping if required), diaper rash cream and some absorbent pads close by.

Having these key items will help set you up for success!

What is the best spray to use after giving birth?

For postpartum discomfort, two great choices for fast relief are Lansinoh Pain Relief Spray and Dermoplast spray.

The maximum-strength formula of the former contains 4% Lidocaine plus calming herbal extracts, while the latter is formulated with aloe, menthol and lanolin to give speedy relief.

In short, both provide an immediate answer to pain management!

What types of pillows and sleep aids can help postpartum moms get the rest and support they need?

Postpartum mothers can get the relaxation and assistance they deserve by utilizing body pillows alongside sleep aids such as weighted blankets.

These items will help them to achieve much-needed rest during this special time in their lives.

How can I find mental support during postpartum recovery?

Reach out to your loved ones and a professional postpartum support specialist for mental and emotional during postpartum recovery – you’re not alone.

What type of exercise is recommended during postpartum recovery?

For successful postpartum recovery, it is essential to include a gentle exercise routine.

To perform pelvic floor exercises reach with the help of an expert.

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